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When explaining how we met, my wife will tell the same story every time. It varies slightly from mine, only because Ash loves sharing how passionate I became around the topic of travel. Sitting in the middle of a bar on a loud Saturday night within the first minutes of meeting, I dove into a long, detailed explanation of my last trip to Ireland, and how it held an incredibly special place in my heart. Ash had mentioned that Ireland was a place they wanted to go some day, and I enthusiastically pressed upon them the necessity of traveling there.

The vibrant description of my trip must have worked, because a year-and-a-half later we were on our way to Ireland celebrating our engagement. Being the amazing wife that Ash is, they have embraced my passion for travel and jumped in head first to plan and execute these amazing adventures with me. With two international trips completed, our first international trip as a married couple in the planning stages, and a list of places we want to go over the next 15 years, I would say that this blog/website will house a wealth of rich memories and valuable information for any couple looking to head out of the country.


I wish I could claim that I'm the next Anthony Bourdain; an author capable of painting the rawest pictures using only his words. Alas, I am not a writer. Far from it. The writing gene skipped over me and went straight to my younger brother. You will most likely find grammar errors, misspellings, and on occasion words whose meanings mean something entirely different than I think. Bear with me, because what I do bring is truth, emotion, and a real account of every single trip that Ash and I take together. My goal is that every person who reads this can take something from my stories, whether it is a new town they want to visit or a type of food they want to try. I created this website/blog as a way to capture and share our time together in each of the places we visited. From sight-seeing, to restaurants, to queer-centered hangouts, I do my best to not only describe the physical adventure, but the emotional experience as well. Thank you for taking the time to visit- I hope I have been able to inspire you. 


Stories from two queer travelers
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