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A queer, cis-gender female in my 30's with a love of traveling. My dream job- get paid to visit queer-friendly spaces in beautiful countries all over the world with my wife. Reality- nonprofit work (still good, but lacks in the travel area).

Our little family consists of me, my wife, and our four children, Poppy, Oaklee, Percie, and Finnegan- who all have fur and four legs. We love our home in Minneapolis, Minnesota, but enjoy taking off for weeks at a time to explore other parts of the world.

My goal is that every person who reads this can take something from my stories, whether it is a new town they want to visit or a type of food they want to try. I created this website as a way to capture and share me and my wife's time together in each of the places we visited. From sight-seeing, to restaurants, to queer-centered hangouts, I do my best to not only describe the physical adventure, but the emotional experience as well.

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Stories from two queer travelers
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