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4th Stop in England: Hastings

Updated: Oct 18, 2019

The southern edge of England brought us warmth, sun, and ocean...

Hastings is a beachy town located on the southern coast of England, about 30 minutes south of Bodiam and 1.5 hours east of Brighton. Our reason for the visit to Hastings: Hastings Castle.

There is not an official car park for this castle, and the roads are quite narrow, so Ash and I drove to the very top of Castle Hill Road before finding a spot in one of the neighborhoods. It didn't matter because the walk to the castle was lovely. If you plan to visit Hastings Castle, I would recommend bringing a lunch and having a picnic at the park outside of the castle grounds. It is beautiful and it overlooks the Ocean below.

Like Bodiam Castle, Hastings Castle has a great website, and as always I want to give credit where it is due. Most of the historical information I will share comes straight from them, so please visit it. The incredible thing about Hastings Castle is that it sits on an edge of a cliff, and before you even purchase your ticket to get inside, you can climb around the rocky cliff's edge to get a great view of the ocean. Ash and I spent time doing this, and ended up getting some fantastic photos.

Tickets are quite affordable at £5.10 a person, but can only be purchased at the front entrance. Once inside you will find yourself on a sloping hill covered in ruined stone walls. Built in 1066, it is the first Norman Castle to be erected in England. In its time, the castle has been destroyed by King Henry VIII, turned into a tourist attraction during the Victorian era, bombed during WWII, and is now a tourist attraction again.

The castle is worth the visit, even if just to take in the views. But I would like to know if this is an area you have visited? Did you stop in at the castle? Where there other experiences you had in Hastings? We would love to hear about them!

I do ask that this stays a positive and safe space for readers, so please, no hurtful language or remarks about other's experiences. Thank you.

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